This August I was hired to shoot and edit an episode for Diaries Downunder, we spent the week hunting powder at and around Cardrona Alpine Resort, flew to Milford Sound and did a few other local activities.
This was a really fun shoot, its great to be surrounded by like minded people who want to have the best possible time!

Diaries Downunder

This is the second ep of the One Hit idea which my brother Connor Harding and I have been filming for. Due to average backcountry snow conditions we decided to film in the terrain park. Connor chose one of the biggest features to throw down on. Connors ability to add style to any trick is what I love the most about his snowboarding, this One Hit shows exactly that.

I filmed this episode using the Sony FS700 and the 5DMk2.


One Hit – A park feature

I bought some new filters for my 5Dmk2 a while ago, before I used them out in the field I wanted to test how they went. That is how this video came about, gathering stock footage and testing. I also had an FS700 with me too so I took a few slow motion shots as that is what the FS700 is so good at.


An afternoon creation – The Backyard

I recently heard the new sounds from Arma Del Amor and I was blown away so wanted to share the love.  This is a collaboration between musical talents Martine Faircloth Harding and Dannevirke Zajo L’Hiboux

Arma Del Amor – New music

The concept is simple, One Hit focusing on a feature. This is the first release in the series which I am producing for fun.

We have been filming all winter here in NZ and have drawn a few blanks due to average weather an more so average conditions. Its not all bad though, we have done a lot of exploring and found some cool places to ride.  One of these places was pretty close to home and “taking a look” payed off. Connor is a creative young snowboarder who has grown up riding alongside some of New Zealands best shredders. This has always translated to him being able to throw down in a variety of terrain, in this case it was a natural quarterpipe.

Connor Harding – One Hit – Backcountry Quarterpipe

Music/Civilian Sol/

Shoot/Edit/Animation/Piers Faircloth-Harding

Thanks for putting up awesome tutorials

One Hit – A mini series with Connor Harding

The snow is not falling and downtime is mounting so I am finding other ways to keep myself busy while we wait for a storm.  I have started staying up really late to get nightlapses of the stars and moon.

Nighttime timelapses are something that have always intrigued me. Since I bought my first camera I have been timelapsing the moon, sunrise and any other thing in between and it was not until I got my 5D Mk2 that I was able to start timelapsing stars and other nighttime events.

This was my first long nighttime timelapse which was taken while camping in The Moab desert in Utah.  I learned a lot from this one.  Things like hot pixels had plagued me (as I did not know how to limit or remove them) It was my friend Tim Pierce who explained them to me.  Focusing, exposure time and hanging out in the dark for hours are other things to contend with.

This is a frame from a recent night lapse over our ramp, this will be released later in the year with a short video piece I am creating.

Timelapses in the Dark

At the end of last year I caught up with Colin Bartlett to create a video for The Little Help Project.  Colin won LHP and the video gives you and insight into who he is, where hes at and what inspires his artwork.

Colin Bartlett: Art, shredding and LHP